I wanted to share the wonderful news!  Pile-o-mulch has been moved!!  Woohoo!  Thank you to all who helped, dropping by and pitching in.  The grounds of Holy Faith are looking good as people walk by and see us worshiping out in front of the building.  It is a reflection of our love for Jesus!  Yes, a little time spent using God’s gift of health in labor for Him is also part of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians that remind us that we are the Body of Christ and each of us individual, gifted members of it!  Thanks to Paul Onder, Donna Gedra, the Gould’s, the Rivera’s, John Janis, Marge Bikel, Fumiko and anyone else that stopped by to help!   “Many hands make light the work!”  Take a look!

Love in Jesus, Pastor Craig