Worship Opportunities



There is a prosperity Gospel mantra called “name it and claim it.”  This twist on the Gospel encourages us to see God as the means to making our lives better.  He does, but not necessarily in ways we equate with prosperity.  We do not come toward God.  We do not “name and claim.”  It is God who comes toward us.  He establishes His covenant with us.  He names us and renames us and claims us as His own through His Son’s cross and empty tomb and our Baptism that connects us to Him.  He invites us to live faithfully with Him, and as we do, those around us experience the blessings of God through us.
We gather this Sunday, February 28, with two services, to celebrate the Lord who claims us and the truth that we are His own.  There will be two services, one at 9 and the other at 10:45  a.m.  Sunday School will happen as part of the 10:45 worship.  Since Governor Murphy has expanded capacity to 50% of occupancy, numbers are not a concern.  Yet you are still encouraged to reply to this invitation at holyfaith@verizon.net or call the office at 973-697-6060 so that we know you are attending.  We still need to keep track of attendees just in case a contact tracing situation arises.  And of course we continue to follow our protocol because we love each other as God has loved each of us through Jesus!  So…..
  1. Before coming to Worship…
  • Please consider your own health. Do not risk your own well-being and the health of fellow worshipers.  If you have not been feeling well – elevated temperature, diarrhea, persistent cough, constant fatigue – please stay home and seek medical care as needed.  If in the last two weeks you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in the presence of someone who has tested positive (even if without symptoms), please do not attend.  If you are at high risk, stay home and worship with the recorded service on YouTube.
  • Please remember to bring your own mask and personal sanitizer. Since the seat cushions have been removed, feel free to bring your own cushion to sit on, taking it with you when you leave.
  • Please use the restroom before you leave the house. There will be one restroom for emergency use.
  • Remember to let the office know you are coming. If you are bringing a visitor, please also give us their name, address, and phone.
  1. As you Arrive…
  • Please follow 6-foot social distancing as you walk to the doors (unless you are family).
  • A health screener will be outside the front doors, taking temperatures and asking a couple of important questions.
  • All entrance will be through the front doors. Directional flow will be one way down the center aisle.  The long pew side at the 10:45 service is reserved for Sunday School families.  Enter only an untaped pew, moving all the way to the side aisle as far as you can, observing social distance by sitting on the taped spots.  (Again, families may sit together.)
  • A greeter with hand sanitizer will be within the doors to give direction and answer any questions. You will receive the communion kit from the greeter.
  1. During Worship…
  • Face covering must be maintained through the service. It may be removed to receive communion.
  • The entire service will be projected.
  • There will be gentle singing. Music will be included (after all, we are Lutheran).  Yes, hum along and gently sing, but keep it safe.  Do not attempt to project and sing loudly.
  • Children will be led by their teachers out of the left side door at the appropriate time in the service.  When Sunday School time is over, teachers will lead the children back to their families through the front door. 
  • If the restroom is needed, please use the disinfecting wipes to sanitize wherever you have touched. Use the wipe to open the door and discard it in the receptacle outside the door.
  • Communion will be in the pew with the communion kit. Direction will be given in worship.
  1. Leaving Worship…
  • Maintaining social distancing, we will exit through the baptistery side door. The long side will lead (front to back), with the short side following (front to back).  Please wait for the pew in front of you to empty and the side aisle to clear before you get up to leave.
  • There will be a table with baskets for your offering and the communion kit containers.
  • Please remember to take your cushion if you chose to bring one.
  • Please exit the church building as soon as possible after worship. Refrain from fellowship within the church building.  You may fellowship outside, but please maintain face coverings and distancing.
Hope to see you Sunday to build up our most holy faith!  You are God’s own!!  Pastor Craig