“Pennies From Heaven” right after worship at 10:00 a.m.

Remember, only one service on February 10!!


Christ-centered family fun for both children and adults!  All sorts of games for all, yes even pie-the-pastor!  You had better know John 3:16 is you want to do this one.  We will also have a chili cook-off to warm your heart!  The fun will happen after Love Sunday 10:00am worship!


In conjunction with Love Sunday, the Sunday School will be hosting a “Chili Cook off”. Look for entries forms on the table in the narthex starting this Sunday.  One of the hottest events of the year, whether you want to cook & compete, or just want to eat and judge (all you can eat chili & cornbread $5.00, proceeds also fund their World Vision child) it’s bound to be a whole lotta fun!


Saturday, February 16th

Dinner begins at 5:00 p.m.



When you hear the words “Bella Notte”, do you instantly think of love and romance? Does it make you think of a long, starlit stroll in the hills of Italy with the person you love? Perhaps it reminds you of an animated movie involving two dogs and a spaghetti drawn kiss? While we are not located in Italy and are not licensed to show a certain animated feature*, we hope that you will join us for “Bella Notte”, a relaxing evening featuring a complimentary Italian dinner, music and the sharing of Christ’s peace and love.



Are You A Fan Of Jesus?

Are you a fan of Jesus,

Admiring Him from afar?

Thinking of Him in the future tense,

Not right now where you are?

Oh wow He died for me,

And my sins are all forgiven,

That’s really a wonderful thing,

But right now I’m really living!

I don’t have time to be a disciple,

And church meetings are a bore,

Bible study? I’m out of school now,

I don’t need to study anymore!

Wait what’s that Lord? What did you say?

Your offering me a brand new start,

And that new start starts today?

But I’m afraid and I don’t know what to do,

What’s that, don’t panic, we’ll never be apart?

You’ll teach and help and guide me,

From right here from inside my heart?

I’m a new creation, the old has passed away,

For now on it’s me and you Lord,

Until the end of days…

This is such great news Lord, my life is clean and new,

My soul is free and happy,

And I can spend my life serving only you!

By Barbara Janis………………January 9/2019