A Blessed 2024!!


“He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.”  1 Peter 1:20


I loved Show and Tell.  It was 1st grade!  Everyone in the class took turns bringing something in to share with the class.  What fun it was to bring something in that we were especially passionate about to share our excitement.  Show and Tell time was filled with interesting insights and some surprises as well.  I loved to bring the cool things my father had collected growing up in India.  I brought in such things as a mahogany carved elephant with real ivory tusks.  I was fascinated by snakes so I really enjoyed sharing the cobra carved out of sandal wood that had a lamp post and a bulb that came out of the snake’s coiled form.  How energizing to share the stories behind the object.  Truly we would show and tell!


This Saturday is the Epiphany!  It is the day that celebrates the Magi, the first Gentiles to worship the Christ child.  They come to the house in Bethlehem, a year or so after Christ is born, to bring their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  God had His own plan of show and tell for those Wise Men.  He revealed a star that led them to the Light of the World.  He led them to the Messiah, the One who by His sinless life and innocent suffering and death would bring salvation to all people.  Having their Lord revealed to them, they worshiped Jesus as King with their gift of gold, as God in the incense that was used in worshiping deity, as Savior in the ointment that would later be carried by the women of Easter as they come to see the empty tomb.  They left to tell, certainly not evil King Herod as they were warned by the angel to return home another way.  But you can bet they told the good news with everyone on their way home and finally with their royal employers, family and friends.


So we have seen!  We have come to the manger of our Jesus at Christmas to worship our Lord.  Thankfully we haven’t had to travel great distances to worship the King!  Our God has revealed His Son where He promises to always be for us, in His Word and Supper.  We have entered a New Year, 2024, in the name of Jesus!  As we travel through the Epiphany season, the Greatest Gift of all is unwrapped in our worship.


Show and tell time in the classroom always had a sense of excitement as the stories were revealed and as we saw how they related to our own lives.  And so our Epiphany journey is the showing of our Savior.  We see how His saving story becomes part of our story.  He came for each of us individually and His life comes to transform ours in His love and forgiveness.  The exciting Epiphany message of a Savior revealed is not just for us to treasure.  It’s for us to Show and Tell!


May we, men and women made wise through faith in Jesus, move into this New Year with our Savior to share.  Have a blessed 2024 in Him!  Pastor Craig