Peace in the Storm

Greetings, everyone, in the peace of our Lord Jesus.  He is the captain of our ship and working His love in our world.  This morning for my devotion I focused on Luke 8:22-25.  If you have a Bible handy (it’s a good book to keep close at all times, especially now) why not take a moment and read it… 


Experienced fishermen, with their sea legs under them, quaking in their sandals with fear.  They had encountered storms before, but not like this one!  And what made things even worse, their Master Jesus is asleep in the stern.  Doesn’t He care?  We know the answer.  Of course He does!  Jesus’ Words, His promise of presence and power, are not empty.  They are His loving action for us.  Jesus words come to life as He commands the wind and the waves, “Quiet, be still!.”  From life-threatening tempest to a sea like glass.


We are in another tempest of sorts.  Covid 19 is frightening.  Feeling alone, shut into the safety of our homes doesn’t necessarily lift our spirits.  But we are not alone in the storm.  Jesus is NOT asleep!  His Word, perhaps sitting in our laps right now, is not empty and powerless.  It is filled with the forgiveness, power and peace that Jesus is working for us right now.  As Jesus bid the disciples to trust in Him, so He calls upon us to know that He is at work for us right now.  And He will use us to do those small acts with great love – sharing what we have, encouraging someone who’s down, making a shopping run for the elderly – that is part of His turning the tempest of this storm.  Know Christ’s peace this morning as we move forward in faith, trusting in Him, making those decisions that keep our loved ones safe while doing what we can as we walk with Jesus.


In His peace and power, Pastor Craig