Lent: Matthew 7 & 8

Jesus Christ, Superstar!  Do you remember the Rock Opera from from the 70’s?  As Jesus comes down from the mountainside that’s what the following crowds thought He was!  He spoke with authority and now His Words will take action.  After all, talk is cheap, but when they are backed up by loving, powerful action, you have Jesus Christ, Superstar!


First Jesus heals a leper.  Outcast, prohibited to be with those he loved with the incurable disease of leprosy, Jesus was his final hope.  His words to Jesus is a model prayer:  “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”  So we pray to our Lord, “If it be Your will.”  Whatever He decides will be right for us.  Jesus quickly and powerfully revealed that His will was also the lepers will.  He said the words, “be clean” and the leper was healed.  What compassionate power!  That’s the Savior to whom we pray!  Whatever our prayer we can lift it up to Jesus and according to His will, He works all things together for our good (Romans 8:28).


Second, the centurion (commander of 1000 soldiers) was awestruck by his and our Super Savior.  A humble man who truly understood authority had a servant at home suffering with illness.  Luke tells us in his account that this centurion, despite being a Gentile, had helped in building the Jewish synagogue in Capernaum.  Could he have been a believer?  Jesus Himself affirms that He has not seen such great faith anywhere in Israel.  Jesus came for Jew and Gentile alike!  The centurion certainly knew his own sinfulness, not even wanting Jesus to come to his house.  The centurion’s faith speaks, “Just say the word and he will be healed!”  He shared his need with Jesus and trusted Him to do what was best!  So can we!


Third, He continues on showing everyone that He is the Son of God, not only through what He spoke but the miracles He performed.  He has the power of God to heal physically in temporal time and to save for eternity.  He heals Peter’s mother-in-law.  Yes, Peter was married!  His wife was a recipient of Jesus healing.  Don’t you just love how she is healed immediately serves Jesus as if she had never had the fever.  I would love to see us do that after recovering from the flu!  What a Super Savior who has carried us through Covid 19.


He goes with His disciples across the sea of Galilee in a boat!  When I visited Israel in 2017 I had opportunity to do the same.  True to the lake’s reputation, our trip started on calm waters which quickly became rough.  With Jesus in the boat, no matter how rough the waters, all He has to do is speak the word and the storms cease.  We have the advantage over those disciples of old who were in the boat with Jesus because we know that He is the Son of God, our Super Savior who willingly died for our sins, rose again on the third day!  He has said the Word for our lives so that through faith we will come through every storm through life.  He has promised that one day He will come again to take us and all believers to Himself in heaven.  Our arrival at our heavenly destination is just as certain as was the disciples’ safe arrival on the opposite shore!


Prayer:  Lord Jesus, You are our Super Savior!  Through the storms of life lead us to present to You in prayer our every need, knowing that according to Your will, You will work all things for our good.  In Your precious name we pray.  Amen.