Election Day

Dear Saints in Christ, I have had our nation, this election and our participation in it in my prayers these past few days.  I’m sure you have done the same as well!  I know we all are experiencing a bit of anxiety as the big day has drawn ever closer.  Well, tomorrow is the day.  I wanted to send a quick word of encouragement and hope!


Some days, it may feel like America has reached its breaking point.  We face a deeply divided nation.  And there are two very different potential paths ahead of us depending on who is elected tomorrow.  But no matter what happens, remember that we have great reason to be hopeful no matter what.  In Psalm 20:7, we’re reminded that our trust isn’t in chariots or horses—the things of this world.   Our faith isn’t in political parties.  Our confidence is not in presidents, but in a God who’s in control and loves each and every one of us!  And He knows exactly what is going to happen in the coming days, months, and years.  He has a loving plan and future carved out for each and every one of us.  And God is faithful!  No matter what the outcome, we have His Son and a loving message of forgiveness and hope in Jesus for everyone!


So make sure you vote your heart if you haven’t already!  But know in that same heart that God is lovingly in control and means for us not to judge others, but to love Him and our fellowman no matter what!  Together in His care, Pastor Craig