Crossroads Update

So many things have changed over the last 6 months since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic…………in our personal lives, in our church, and in our Food Pantry!!

·        Families experiencing “food insecurity” and are in need of the help of our Food Pantry have DOUBLED!

·        The amount of  food availability from the Food Bank of NJ has decreased tremendously.

·        CROSSROADS purchased a Chest Freezer, and most recently, a stand -alone Refrigerator to be able to store FRESH & FROZEN foods……in bulk……WHEN they are available.

·        Due to our new “additions” (above), the layout of the Food Pantry has changed.

In order to keep both our Volunteers and our Clients safe during this time……….

·        A COVID19 Food Pantry Policy was developed, utilizing a lot of the same restrictions needed as when you enter church.

·        A MAXIMUM of 4 Volunteers are allowed in the Food Pantry area at one time……….1 in each designated room in order to Social Distance.

·        PREPACKED BOXES of food are distributed,……….

·        A CONTACT FREE PICK-UP is now utilized.  Clients stay in their vehicle and the groceries are placed directly into their trunk.  No One is allowed into the church building.

But, despite our challenges, WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED!

·        Monetary Donations received from the church and the community over the past Holiday season have kept us worry-free in providing for those in need.

·        Crossroads Food Pantry received a Grant of $2500 from ACME Supermarkets.

·        HELP A NEIGHBOR donated $200 worth of fresh meat products from Sussex Meat Packing.

·        WEST MILFORD SHOPRITE (and Alison) is holding Food Pantry Food Drives every Saturday this month of November……………CROSSROADS is one of the receipients !  Thank you, Alison!

And so…our MISSION goes on!                      Dot Flar