Advent is Here!



Squeezed in as it is between the celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas, the season of Advent can often get lost in the shuffle.  There seems to be more and more busyness getting ready for the “Holidays.”  Even Christ gets pushed out, so why even bother with Advent?  Yet Advent is a wonderful privilege and opportunity.  Don’t let it get lost in preparation.  Instead, allow the Lord to prepare each of us to celebrate the birth of Jesus and His return some day.  How important it is for us to spend time connected with our Lord spiritually so that He can fill us with the wisdom of His Spirit to understand and receive this gift God sends.  Advent is that time for the Lord to make room in our hearts for the gift of His Son, Jesus.  I pray that we spend devotional time with the Lord.  A favorite of mine is written by the missionaries of Lutheran Indian Ministries.  Their 2019 devotion is titled “Pointing the Way to Hope in Jesus.”    Just point and click on the title and find Hope, true Hope in Jesus this Advent!  Pastor Craig