Prayer Insight


Why do we pray?  Our prayers flow from trust in our loving God!

O Lord, what can I trust in this life?

And what is my greatest comfort on earth?

It is You, O Lord, whose mercy is without limit.

Where have I ever done well without You?

And when have I ever been harmed when You were present?

I would rather be poor with You, than rich without You.

I would rather be a wanderer on earth with You,

       than to be in heaven without You.

For where You are, there is heaven.

And where You are not, there is death and hell.

You are all that I desire; therefore I will earnestly pray to You.

There is no one who can help me except You alone, O my God.

For You are my hope, You are my trust, You are my strength,   You are my comfort, and my most faithful helper in every need.

(Thomas Kempis, 1380-1471.  Quoted from his book, “The Imitation of Christ.”)