Faith In Action Sunday May 21st

Please be a part of FIA on Sunday May, 21st. Sign-up will begin at

Church on May 7th. Anyone can sign-up online at

Fellowship Celebration to follow 3:00pm at the Freedom Church

on Oak Ridge Road. Any questions, please speak to Grant Rupp or Mark Fanslau.

The Pastor’s Part . . . May/June, 2017

As I look back upon Easter joy and carrying that rejoicing forward into our lives sharing Jesus, a poem written by Barbara Janis comes to heart.  I share it with you with her permission:

You Could Say

You could say……..
I wasn’t there when the cross was made,
I didn’t join the wooden beams,
I didn’t force the iron spikes,
Or drive them past his mother’s screams…
I didn’t braid the thorn spined crown,
Or place it on His head,
I didn’t yell “Crucify, Crucify!”
Or stand by idly as He Bled!
I wasn’t the one who painted the sign,
That mocked His sacred name,
You’ll have to look somewhere else,
To find the ones to blame!
I wasn’t there to deny Him thrice,
Or then run away and hide,
I didn’t take the sharp edged sword,
And thrust it in His side!
I didn’t hear His final words,
As thunder ripped the sky,
I didn’t see His mother’s face,
Or watch her as she cried!
You could say ” It wasn’t me,”
But that would be a lie…
It was for each and everyone of us
That He was crucified!!!!
Our sin brought Him to this world,
Inside a virgin’s womb,
Our sin hung Him on the cross,
And sealed Him in the tomb!!
God’s love was so much stronger
Than our reckless hate,
He didn’t end on the cross
But pushed open deaths dark gate!!
He Arose Praise God to ignite our souls,
And in its brilliant flame,
All the dark places in our hearts,
Were cleansed and freed of blame!!!
So let the Joyous news ring out,
His Glory to Proclaim!!!
Rejoice, He has our salvation won,
There is power in His Name!
So let the Joyous news ring out,
Things will never be the same,
Rejoice, rejoice because He said,
He’s coming back again!!

Rejoice, salvation is won!  Our hearts burn within us like those disciples walking to Emmaus in last Sunday’s Gospel.  Let the Joyous news of our Risen Savior ring out in what we say and do!  And remember, He’s coming back again to bring us to be forever with Him!  Alleluia, Christ is risen!